Thursday, 27 January 2011

Jellybaby prelim anamatic.


Our jelly baby sequence was inspired by the famous shower scene in 'Psycho.' We had to follow the brief of "A character opens the door, walks into a room, sits down opposite another character and they share a few lines of dialogue." We extended this brief to link it with everything we have recently learnt e.g: intertextuality and creating suspense. Instead of using dialogue we added interesting sound effects and soundtrack using 'Soundtrack pro.' The music at the beginning makes the audience think everything is happy and going well, when the breathing comes in they soon get the sense of terror and danger which is backed up by the violin string sounds. We added a scream to emphasis the sense of thriller atmosphere. We will use this as development as next we will carry this plot out, but using real characters instead of jelly babies.

This shot was influenced by the shower head shot in Psycho. It creates tension and the premonsion of danger as the same thing happens in Psycho so the audience expects that something bad is going to happen.

This shot was also taken from the end of the shower scene in Psycho. However, we made it a long-shot to include the characters instead of just focusing on the plug hole as we thought this was more suited to the situation. In contrast to Psycho we made the killer known to the audience rather than than having the killer as just a shadow, as this was more relevant to the story.

We came across a few obstacles whilst filming this, for example: the shower scene had very limited lighting which we couldn't do much about, however we later realised we could have changed the filter in the camera to increase lighting. When we film with people next week, we will continue the theme of Psycho and pay more attention to the lighting and dialogue.

 Here is the 180 degree rule we had to follow in order for everything to look professional and fluid.

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