Friday, 21 January 2011

Filming and editting: Bag Swap.

In lesson 20/01/11 we editted and created our bag swap movies. We sat down as a group and decided how we would make such an accident which could happen in everyday life, mysterious and thrilling. As we figured out our story line and what shots we would use and how many, we gave parts to the actors and directors. At times we'd use the tripod with fully extended legs and tilt the camera down onto the actor to them them look weak, in contrast we'd take the camera completley off the tripod very low down and tilt it upwards for the opposite effect. Also we decided to film it in a confined space (in a corridor) because we didn't want to make it too obvious as to what was going to happen. As some of our ideas didn't work we quickly worked around that and created new better ones. Sometimes we'd just try out different long, extreme mid-shots and see what worked and what didn't, a trail and improvment method.

Our group all watched our footage back, scene by scene we number them so we knew which order they would go in, e.g: shot 1, shot 2....e.c.t. The idea was to swap bags in any way which would convey a thriller like feeling. Overall we had around 18 different scenes. Our story was based around a girl in such a rush that she doesn't realise when her bag drops, another girl gives her the wrong back, therefore they swap bags. We were able to edit it all in one hour and film it all in one hour, so overall took 2 hours, using 'Final Cut Pro' on the Mac. We wanted to create a slow motion effect, change of speed at the time when the bag drops to the ground, which is what we'll will try out next time, aswell as adding music in the background. This has given me a better understanding of editting and filming for our future thriller.

At first, we showed Valeza running down the stairs using a long shot to show her surroundings, and to set the scene. Afterwards we used close ups on Valezas face to show her expression and how she is feeling. An extreme close up on the bag as it drops emphasises it and is followed by a tracking shot of Eleni picking it up. A close up of Valezas face is again used to show her confusion of the sneeky bag swap and so therefore the last shot is a point of view shot as if the camera is her.

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