Monday, 31 January 2011


We learned about the different fonts to have a better understanding into the further meanings of fonts as they connotate different things.There are basically two types of fonts; Serif and Sans Serif. Serif is a more formal font and is used in newspapers such as The Times. The fonts are generally more traditional and often slightly more formal than sans serif font. Examples of serif fonts are Times and courier. A serif is the little extra detail at the end of each stroke of every letter. Serif usually connotates a business like/formal approach.
In Contrast, we have sans serif fonts which are generally more informal, more modern and more 'friendly'. The connotate a more childlike and casual approach. An example of Sans (in french, without) Serif fonts is Ariel and Comic Sans. 

Font analysis.  

 The serif font and capital letters reflect the importance and formal approach of the film. Some may suggest that the orders of regimentation, may reflect the soldiers standing in a row, as the film is based on the war. 
In comparison, Rocky uses sans serif fonts. This font appears to be more inviting as the letters are more curved and connotations of sans serif is uneducated which doesn't seem as intimidating. Although the font is big and bold like Rocky, the letters have curves and don't seem as harsh which shows that there is a softer side to Rocky. The title seems to be inhibited y the frame and the title seems like its trying to punch out, again reflecting Rocky's character.

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