Saturday, 15 January 2011

Thriller sub-genres

Thriller is a suspenseful adventure story of movie which includes lots of different sub-genres. Through this, audience can define what kind of thriller they want to watch. Also it helps them to 'predict' what kind of story is going to happen. The particular sub-genre tells audience what kind of story they may expect and what level of suspense is going to appear in the movie.

Here are different thriller sub-genres with example:
ACTION- *Expendables* (2010)
PSYCHOLOGICAL- *Donnie Darko* (2001)
ROMANCE*He loves me, he loves me not* (2002) 
SUPERNATURAL*What lies beneath*(2000) 
POLITICAL-*Enemy of the State* (1998)
CRIME* Bangkok Dangerous* (2008)
MYSTERY*V for Vendetta* (2006)
CONSPIRACY*The Manchurian Candidate* (2004)

At the moment, thrillers which inspire me are:
Pulp Fiction, Momento, Donnie Darko and V for Vendetta. The level of suspense works the most effictively in that kind of films. I think, there is a fantatic opportunities to play on people's mind and scare in unpredictable for them way. That is why, for my 2 min thriller opening sequence, I will choose either a mystery or psychological thriller.

Range of different thriller sub-genres

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