Friday, 21 January 2011

Camera: skills.

To be able to make a short movie, first of all you must learn how to work with the camera you will be using and keep it safe at all times. So before we started to film anything using the camera we learned the following skills and rules to using the camera :

1. Keep the camera safe and dry while it is in your possession; e.g. never let anyone other than the people in your group hold the it, and when it's raining either film inside or hold an umbrella over the camera.
2. Insert one of the memory cards as soon as you turn on the camera by opening the flap under the view finder and pushing the memory card in firmly.
3. Never touch the lens with your fingers as it may be destroyed and make the picture blurry.
4. Use a yellow media slip while using any of the equipment to let the staff know where you will be filming and return it to the media room as soon as you're done.

We also have to use tripods to keep the camera steady while filming. This also needs care and attention and rules in order to keep it working:

1. Make sure the camera is held steadily on the tripod by turning the triangle towards the camera until it is stiff. To take the camera off the tripod, turn it the other way and push the red button while sliding out the camera.
2. Keep all the legs of the tripod level, by checking that the yellow bubble is in the middle line, to make sure that the camera is secure.
3. Take good care of the tripod; don't drag it on the floor and don't let it get wet.

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