Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Soundtrack Pro- Introduction.

First I chose an orchestral string which draws the audience attention, then i put atmospheric beat which created the specific atmosphere. Then i put natural sound of air and hammer. Texture and abidance are next. Over the orchestral and atmospheric sound, there is also an acoustic double bass. I have arranged each of them to come one after another to create a feeling of suspense and raising emotion. 
On the right hand site there is a window where we can put the movie. It allows to watch and choose the soundtrack at the same time. 

Screen shot of the Soundtrack Pro
On the same lesson (24.01.2011) we have been introduced to other software called Soundtrack Pro. This program allows creating a soundtrack. It provides range of much different sound. We can choose them form menu. They are divided into several groups of hundred sound from orchestral, natural sounds from home/work, nature sounds, vocal sounds, like breathing, singing and talking, drums, violins and heavy beats, mysterious, guitar. They all help to create a particular sound. We can easily preview to sound by clicking on it once. If we are happy with it, we need to drag it into the big box in the middle of our screen. Then we can change the length of it by moving it forward or backward. We can also put as many as we want soundtrack to create a better expression which will help us to emphasize the importance of an action in the movie. On my sample soundtrack I was trying to create a music which will create a thriller and mysterious feeling. We can also change the volume of particular sound which will help to create a greater effect. 

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