Sunday, 16 January 2011

Thriller Opening

Opening title sequence is very important in the thriller movies. It’s got the audience's attention and introduces things like; characters, location, sub-genres. 

Watching a title sequence from Stepfather, first things what the audiences see is IDENT. In another word is a distribution and production company. 
The title of the movie appears about 0.52 sec, when the main characters displays on the screen. Then, there is a characters' name, casting, costume, editing and music
The most important thing in the title sequence is to establish normality, which builds tension and tone of the movie.
Stepfather is a psychological thriller. It is very easy to spot this, because the main character is very organised. He is more than obsessed; everything needs to be nit and orderly. He is a serial killer, because everything is in the full harmony. 

Watching The Talking Of Pelham 123, it is easy to recognised that most of the movie follow the same pattern of title sequence. 
Again, the audiences see the IDENT after few seconds. This is a big movie that is why it's takes a while to introduce all the production and distribution company. Also, the audiences see the name of the creator. The name of the first character appear on the screen about 0.46 sec 
The title of the movie displays in about 1 min 17 sec, so it is quite late in the comparison to the Stepfather.
After title, there is specific location, other actors, casting, costium, music, co-executive producer, editor, director of photofraphy, executive producer and the time---> 1.58 pm 

Detailed analysis of a title sequence
I really like the idea of black line which reveals the names of the particular titles/section of the movie. It goes fast then slow down for a bit and goes away. It give a perfectly image of a train which is the main subject of this movie. I also love editing. There is lots of slow motion, speeds up and jump cut. Everything is fast pace, which helps to create an atmospher of chaos. I will definitively use some of these ideas in my own thriller opening!