Sunday, 30 January 2011

Filming and Editing; Bag Swap.

In this lesson we were asked to conduct, film and edited a bag swap. As a group we discussed the different ways in which a bag swap can occur in everyday life, but also adding a sense of thrill to the swap too. After a discussion, we soon began to build on our story line by planning the different scenes as you can see above. The camera was used at different levels and occasionally we used the tripod and extended the legs to create a contrast in the heights and shots. A few of the shots we oringinally planned to take had to be changed due to the time limit and also the confined space in which we decided to film in as we decided to spend most of the time editing. Some of the shots of course were also used as a trial and improvement method in order for us to obtain the best shots.

We learnt from this bag swap task that in order to create the best thriller film we must plan very well and improvise too. In this shot (above) we initially wanted to make the bag drop in slow motion however as filming and editing was very time consuming we did not get a chance. This task really enabled us to get a sense of how to use Final Cut and also the cameras.

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