Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Thriller sub-genres.

Sometimes, there are different types of genres within a genre itself. These are called sub-genres.

A few examples of these in reference to thrillers are:
crime thrillers: taken
psychological thrillers: memento
horror/super natural thrillers: what lies beneath
action thrillers: death race
sci-fi thrillers:inception
mystery thrillers: shutter island

At the moment, psychological thrillers inspire me the most in terms of what i would like to achieve with my thriller opening. This is because i love the way the psychological element of films such as memento create tension and suspense for the audience and i think it would be an interesting way of making a film that does not necessarily scare the viewer, but affects them mentally, and keeps them thinking about it long after the final scene. This is what i think thrillers are supposed to do to their audience.

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