Monday, 24 January 2011

Introduction to editing: skills.

After filming our short thriller film, we edited the clips using the program 'Final cut pro' to make them into a mini-movie. We picked the clips which would cause the least continuity- they all fitted together in the end while at the beginning, some parts didn't look right e.g. the bag was on the wrong side of the door etc. we didn't use any effects such as fading because we wanted to keep it simple; so we mostly used jump-cuts from one clip to another to create the atmosphere of a fast-paced thriller.

Initially, we wanted the part where the bag drops to be in slow-motion to emphasize the importance of that particular moment i the sequence, but we ran out of time in which to do it, but i think it is still effective as it is because it might confuse the audience for a while, then understanding comes at the end. 

When we make our final thriller sequence, i will make sure i plan each shot/scene before hand to save time and minimize confusion, and i will also make sure we have enough time for editing, as i think films really come together while they are being edited.

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