Monday, 31 January 2011

Soundtrack Pro.

Similar to Livetype, Soundtrack Pro was also very fun and easy to explore. This enabled us to make short thriller soundtracks so that we had some more experience in listening to sounds carefully to specifically choose sounds which fit to the genre. Below is a soundtrack i made to a thriller opening where someone was waking up to a peculiar and scary environment. The clock made it alerting which would engaged the audience when identifying with the protagonist. 

There were thousands of different sounds which allowed us to be more creative and inventive with the music. The different sounds really inspired me to imagine what kind of sounds would reflect our characters mind set as our thriller is a psychological thriller. What I really found great about Soundtrack Pro is that the sounds were very specific and were under specific categories and sub genres which made it easy for me to find the sounds I needed. 
The sounds i really enjoyed most where the human ones where there were natural sounds which were extremely effective and realistic really setting the scene. I am really looking forward to making the soundtrack for our thriller opening. 

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