Saturday, 15 January 2011

My favourite thriller.

File:Man on fireposter.jpgDespite having seen many many thrillers in the past all of which leave me on the edge of my seat, i have come to the conclusion that apart from all dance films, 'Man on fire' is my favourite thriller/crime movie of all time.
Man on fire is a 2004 American action film based on a novel of the same name by A. J. Quinnell, that had previously been filmed in 1987. This version was directed by Tony Scott and starred Denzel Washington. It is a true story which relates to certain people, touches their heart and raises awareness.

Former Recon Marine John Creasy (Denzel Washington) travels to Mexico City to visit his friend and former CIA colleague Paul Rayburn (Christopher Walken) who owns a private-sector security firm to protect business executives. Creasy confides that he has become an alcoholic, disillusioned with life because of the horrors of his past and Rayburn offers his support, encouraging Creasy to take a job as a bodyguard.

Because of the extremely high rate of kidnappings in Mexico City for the lucrative ransom money, businessman Samuel Ramos hires Creasy to guard his nine year-old daughter Lupita "Pita" (Dakota Fanning) and Creasy reluctantly accepts. Pita immediately takes a liking to Creasy, though he remains distant and unapproachable due to his depression. After a night of heavy drinking, Creasy attempts suicide but the chambered round in his gun fails to fire. Considering it a sign to live on, he begins to warm up to Pita and they develop a friendship. He mentors Pita and through his training she wins a swim meet competition. Pita gives Creasy an emblem of Saint Jude, the patron saint of lost causes as a token of appreciation and he wears it as a necklace from then on.

A gang of kidnappers strike when Creasy drops Pita off at her piano lesson and despite killing four of the assailants and being shot multiple times, he is unable to prevent her abduction. The Ramos' agree to deliver a dead drop ransom of $10 million per the instructions of "The Voice" the mastermind of the kidnapping ring. The drop, however, is ambushed by members of a Mexican crime syndicate called "La Hermandad" and the money is stolen, resulting in The Voice notifying the Ramoses that Pita will not be returned.

In the main scene of the dramatic kidnap when Pita screams for help and Creasy, he is trying to do his job, but also save the girls life, as not only is it his job, but he has made friends with her and has a strong bond with her. Slow motion is effectivley used as she screams and struggles to get away, gun shots are fired aimlessly which increases the drama and tension, making this scene even more upsetting and unsettling.
They adjust the colour of the footage, overlap, fast forward, use slow motion, repeat and also enhance and take away certain sounds. This will always be my favourite thriller/drama/crime film. I definitley recommend it.

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